We are an art direction studio. Our expertise is to support you in the development of strong and desirable brands by providing them with a creative strategy and a unique visual universe.

What we do

Art direction
Halley&Co direction artistique
/ Creative strategy
Halley&Co Strategie creative
/ Visual identity
Halley&Co Identité visuelle
/ Web design
Halley&Co Web design
/ Packaging
Halley&Co packaging
/ Edition
HalleyandCo Design editorial
/ Instagram
Halley&Co Instagram
/ Brand content
Halley&Co Creation de contenu
/ Motion design
Halley&Co Motion design
/ Photo
HalleyandCo Photo
/ Video
Halley&Co Vidéo
/ Design
Halley&Co Design produit
/ Illustration
/ Color chart
HalleyandCo Charte graphique
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We like the idea that our profession can bring beauty and sensitivity to our world, by accompanying projects that are meaningful, generous and sustainable.

We believe in a multidisciplinary artistic direction elaborated with coherence, finesse and common sense.
It is the promise of a strong image and a sincere adhesion.

The brand is the first channel through which a company presents itself to its customers. It is a very valuable resource. The company cultivates its reputation and consequently its business. It is one of the essential parts of its DNA that must be taken care of.
Today, the challenge is obviously to be seen, to capture its targets, but it is especially essential to make sense.

We therefore help companies develop their brand: elaborate a territory based on their fundamental values, develop a universe that will create a lasting bond.

In the age of Instagram and omnipresent digital, creative strategy, visual identity and design are essential pillars without which it is difficult to develop a brand and build a communication.

« It is a real lever for improving performance and a real energy that makes it easier for companies to change direction. »
Franck Charbonnier,
Director General of Sedac Méral
« A lot of finesse and accuracy in the understanding of brands, creativity, reactivity and a real emotional strength in the achievements. »
Stéphanie Durroux,
Chairwoman & CEO of The Absolut Company at Pernod Ricard
« Their contribution to the development of our brand is absolutely fundamental, both graphically and artistically and strategically. »
Jérôme Bacquias,
Managing Director at Paper Republic