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Custom leather apparel

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Atelier Bison, official supplier of the French Air Force, is a Parisian sewing workshop specialized in custom leather clothing. With its unparalleled expertise and timelessly corporate culture, the company has discreetly developed around the values of fine craftsmanship. The studio is in charge of creating their new visual identity. 
Context: for 4 years now, a team from the luxury and fashion industry has taken over the company and is betting on waking up this company, whose business plan has so far mainly operated in B to B. Their goal is to take the brand into the world of fashion. 
Proposal: focus on the specificities of the iconic images of this industry. Promote this artisanal know-how in a resolutely outdated and contemporary way by designing a manufacturing identity that addresses a multiple target audience of rockers, stars, aviators, bad girls or hipsters. 

Identité de marque Atelier Bison
Identité de marque Atelier Bison
Logotype Atelier Bison
Univers typographique Atelier Bison
Dessins techniques Atelier Bison
Identité de marque Atelier Bison
Univers graphique Atelier Bison
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Photographie Atelier bison
Carte de visite Atelier Bison
Photographie Atelier bison
Brand identity Atelier Bison
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