Augier Cognac
Singular cognac brand

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Augier cognac was created in 1643. In 2015, Maison Martell relaunched this forgotten brand and commissioned the studio to specify its brand territory by entrusting it with its beautyshoots and retail versions: stand for Whisky Live Fair, self-talker, glorify, furniture.
Context: on the basis of the corporate graphic charter provided by the client, create a differentiating brand territory with consistency. Translate the brand’s diversity and values by offering a contemporary and strong image in the face of a highly competitive and coded environment.
Proposal: choose a singular Augier style. Simplify and modernize the brand’s reading by enhancing a bold image of cognac. In line with the logo and its graphic charter, use engraving and black and white as a coherent and resolutely contemporary decorative support.
Collaboration: photos Pascaline Marre

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