The authentic world of the Azalaï Life Experience
Ecolodges and chic bivouacs in Morocco

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Azalaï Life Experience, inspired by the salt roads crossing the Atlas and the Sahara, offers four exceptional destinations that reveal a rare and preserved Morocco: guest houses and chic bivouacs designed with elegance and generosity. The studio is in charge of creating their visual identity and their website.
Context: represented during the brief by 2 websites and 2 different identities, the brand needs to merge its identity and sites in order to affirm and reinforce its atypical concept and values.
Proposal: reinforce its specificity as a multicoloured cashmere offer by placing it at the heart of an audacious pop culture, create a bold and sparkling red “feel good” visual identity, and a brand universe inspired by a pop culture freshly coloured. Set up an impertinent and slightly off-the-wall graphic charter.
Collaboration: photos Pascaline Marre

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