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LinKinVax is a French biotech start-up focused on accelerating vaccine development, combining basic science and industrial processes. The result of the association of leading French scientists and entrepreneurs and created in December 2020, this immunotherapy platform offers a revolutionary and agile technology by providing access to versatile, effective and sustainable vaccines, stemming from Ralph Steinman’s 1973 discovery of dendritic cells, awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2011.
Vaccines in clinical trials in 2021/2022: HIV, SARS-COV-2 and variants, HPV cancer vaccine.
Background: LinKinVax is at the heart of a national ecosystem of internationally recognized scientific institutions, teaching hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. In the context of the current pandemic, considering the subject it deals with, the mistrust of a part of the population towards vaccines, its hegemonic ambition, its values, the visual identity of LinKinVax must be very clear, transparent and simple. We thought it was institutional, international, readable, technical, accessible, reassuring and trustworthy.
Proposal: express the notions of universality, prevention, technology, and immunotherapy carried by the brand. Make it easy to read and remember, reassure and help build confidence. To use a contemporary typography that is boldly dressed and favors a natural loyalty through its roundness. Emphasize the acronym LKV. Suggest the discovery by the sign. Reinforce the capital of trust by relying on two colors that will make it a “love brand”, a flamboyant orange carrying hope, a warm and sensitive pink that touches hearts.

Logotype couleur pour la nouvelle identité de Linkinvax
Logo Linkinvax
Linkinvax branding
Typographie Linkinvax
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Packaging de Linkinvax
Monogramme LinKinVax
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