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Promocab, a Breton company with 54 employees and experts, specialized in wire cabling and subcontractor for large international industrial companies, needs to build a strong identity to emancipate itself and emerge on its market by meeting the challenges of its sector for tomorrow.

Context: The French industry is in full mutation and has recently reached new growth records. The pandemic has accelerated awareness of the many challenges facing the industry: innovation, relocation, AI, CSR, creation of dynamic ecosystems, digitalization…
To support these challenges, Promocab called on the Studio to define a forward-looking vision that would unite internally and have an impact externally, and then to create a visual identity that would carry this vision.
Performance, excellence, and the Breton roots shape the philosophy of this company, and this is essentially done by its teams.
We worked in the form of workshops with the teams to co-construct a prospective brand platform and then a new visual identity, which led to the design of a website, prospecting tools and communication media. The benefits of these collaborations are multiple: federate the teams around a corporate vision and thus produce a new internal dynamic, gain in authority and image with regard to external interlocutors for a strong and differentiated statement and in an international landscape, increase the “good will” of the company and its intangible value.

Proposal: to reinforce the company’s expert positioning, to underline its values of agility and win-win which are its specificity and its strength, to suggest its Breton roots through a visual universe taking up some codes of the Brittany brand. To propose an anchored, solid logotype, explicit contents and valorizing the trade, a daring graphic universe, an effective site, centered on the product offer.

Logotype identité visuelle Promocab
Déclinaison du signe du logotype Promocab
Direction artistique shooting Promocab
Palette de couleur identité visuelle Promocab
Identité visuelle et valeurs de Promocab
Signe logotype Promocab
Promocab identité visuelle typographie
Promocab identité visuelle typographie
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Territoire de marque - édition - Promocab
Papeterie et identité visuelle de Promocab
Direction artistique du shooting chez Promocab industrie
Web design Promocab
Direction artistique Promocab
Logotype de Promocab sur vêtement de travail
Shooting câbles Promocab
Affiche valeurs de Promocab
Identité visuelle sur scotch Promocab
Signalétique identité visuelle Promocab
Sac logotype identité visuelle Promocab
Affiche flyer identité visuelle Promocab
Territoire de marque Promocab
Shooting câbles Promocab

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