Founded in 2010, our studio brings together specific and numerous expertises from architecture, fashion, design, graphics and digital with a deep understanding of brands and trends. This multiplicity of cultures and skills is an asset to consider your project as a whole.


What we do

Creative strategy

Creative strategy is the foundation of our thinking. It makes it possible to lay the foundations and the common thread of any project. The aim is to analyse and define the creative framework in which to develop the brand for the coming years. Its purpose is to ensure the coherence of its territory over time.

Brand analysis

Foresight, monitoring and trend

Brand audit

Artistic direction
Brand territory
Style charter

Brand identity

The visual identity is at the heart of our know-how. The visual identities entrusted to us are the result of solid and sensitive creative strategies. It is about giving your brand a remarkable image that reflects its values, positioning and promises. We have been designing strong and patiently crafted visual identities with love for 20 years.



Charte graphique

Shopping bag


Applications refer to the variations of the visual identity on all media: corporate communication, signage, packaging, derived products, digital. These declinations can take the form of an illustration, pictograms, photos, videos, and more broadly website, communication documents… etc. The aim is to create a coherent, strong and easily identifiable graphic universe around the brand.

Graphic design

Editorial design
Graphic communication


Redesign, range creation
Volume or graphic design
Limited edition or large series
Box set
Folded case

Product Design

Set design
Derivative product
Redesign of the range
Color recommendation
Limited edition or large series


Institutional website
E-commerce website
Web design
Custom development
CMS development, WordPress
Instagram: strategy and content


Nous croyons à la vision globale d’un projet lorsqu’elle est conçue avec cohérence, finesse et bon sens.

Who are you?

Cécile Halley des Fontaines — I created the studio in 2010, after my studies in architecture and a long experience as a freelance artistic director. Over time, the studio has grown and I have surrounded myself with talents whose sensibilities are multiple and coherent: Halley&Co.

How does your studio work?

Cécile Halley des Fontaines — We offer, à la carte, a 360° look at the codes of the brands entrusted to us: creative strategy, visual identity, publishing, packaging, digital, product design and styling.

We have a light and flexible structure with a pool of creative talents who form the core of the agency. This core group is joined by collaborators, to respond best to the needs of each project. This mode of operation allows a very personalized approach and follow-up of our customers.

How do you work?

Juliette Le Priellec — Method, common sense and intuition are our favorite tools. We are very attached to sincerity and high standards that we apply in all our creative processes, whatever the nature and scope of the project.

Whether it is a brand strategy, a graphic charter, a website, GIFs or a pack, our approach is the same: it consists first of all in freeing ourselves from any prejudice to find a ground that is at once intuitive, artisanal and organized.

Laurine Moulin — We manipulate iconographies, references, colours, volumes and materials to bring out an expression that is the result of a methodical and progressive maturation. The result must be obvious, effective… and sensitive.

What is the added value of your business today?

Géraldine Mahé — The combination of foresight, trend, marketing and design professions allows companies to save considerable development time and bring together internal teams. 

And for the creative project to be part of a market reality, strategy is a key element of our work to give your creative projects a market reality. For each project, we explore the competitive context and the evolution of customer expectations, in order to define the key performance factors of the products and communication tools we develop.

This strategy results in suitable, relevant and targeted creative responses.

Cécile Halley des Fontaines — We believe that in the face of the constant evolution of our consumption patterns and the way we all understand the world, it is important to have a vision that is both sustainable and evolving for a brand. Graphic design is a very powerful visual tool to create a brand’s image and to accompany it in a memorable way by creating dreams and desires.

What makes your agency unique?

Cécile Halley des Fontaines — The prospective/strategy binomial associated with global design within the same entity: all our projects are the result of an in-depth and sensitive reflection, based in a market reality and oriented towards tomorrow.


Cécile Halley des Fontaines
Founder et CD
Juliette Le Priellec
Art director
Lila Duquet
Artistic director
Blandine Jaillais
Art Director
Géraldine Mahé
Creative strategy
Louise Racine x Lookoom
Digital strategy
Laurine Moulin
Artistic director
Audrey Pruhomme
Artistic director
Clémentine Marot
Creative strategy
Fleur Guerin
Motion design
Léo Lescop