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Zohra is a cosmetic line of high quality organic Franco-Moroccan black soaps, perfumed with essential oils, created by the Phytogers laboratory. The studio is in charge of creating its visual identity and packaging.
Context: Zohra black soap is made in Morocco. It has the particularity of being perfumed with essential oils made in France. This cosmetic line inspired by an ancestral oriental tradition targets GSM distribution and aims to attract a multicultural target group.
Proposal: To be inspired by Moroccan zelliges to evoke Moroccan orientalism, to draw them in watercolour to evoke the omnipresent water in the hammams. Mix these “zelliges” with a black and white graphic charter to formalize a Franco-Moroccan identity.

Identité visuelle Phytogers Zohra - pattern mosaïques
Charte graphique néo-orientale Phytogers Zohra
Pattern mosaïques - étiquette bleu Phytogers Zohra - savon noir à l'eucalyptus
Pattern mosaïques - étiquette vert Phytogers Zohra - savon noir à l'oranger
Pattern mosaïques - étiquette jaune Phytogers Zohra - savon noir à l'argan
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Packaging Phytogers Zohra - pattern mosaïque
Inspiration Pytogers Zohra - Mosaïques
Identité visuelle Phytogers Zohra - étiquette savon noir - pattern mosaïques

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